E.A.R. Yoshino

If you haven't heard of Tim de Paravicini, you've missed out!

One the the world's preeminent audio electronics design masters, a legend of both professional and high-performance home audio industries, a veteran maestro with deep roots and very broad talents! His customers include such luminary musicians as David Gilmour (of Pink Floys fame)!

Want to know more about Tim? Read his Stereophile interview with Steve Harris HERE

I love Tim's designs and believe in his special brand of genius. He's an exemplar of the finest this industry has to offer.

Now demonstrating the inimitable V12 integrated amplifier!


My relationship with Christopher Hildebrand and his company, Fern&Roby, goes back several years - perhaps even to the time of its inception! He is an exceptionally gifted creative person with keen technical insights, sophisticated manufacturing capabilities, and a deep connection with artisanal methods.

His products are made to heirloom-quality standards, truly stand out as high performance instruments, but also fit-in with finely appointed living spaces. We proudly partner with and represent Fern&Roby because these product never fail to delight both the eye and the ear - without crippling the wallet.

Stereolab is, at this moment, the only authorized Fern&Roby reseller in the U.S.A. apart from Fern&Roby itself.

Please reach out for a thrilling demo of F&R's fabulous Tredegar turntable and Raven II loudspeakers!


Paul and his wife, Debby, have been friends of mine for many years. We share an enthusiasm for mid-century modern design and the classics - from Charles and Ray Eames, Hans Wegner, Werner Panton, et alia. In fact, I believe I was their first US distributor. I introduced their Rithm model initially, and then the Ray, and finally the Mojo. 

Paul is an aeronautical engineer with a Master's degree in physics, with a passion for music, loudspeaker design, and the thrilling beauty of wonderful woodworking as expressed in modern designs by using bent-plywood in unique ways. All of these loudspeakers are built at Davone's atelier in Denmark.

I'm proud to say that Stereolab is one of only a handful of dealers in the USA that is authorized to represent Davone. Contact me for a demonstration of these outstanding works of art!