Concert Fidelity electronics are designed and built by hand in Japan by Masataka Tsuda in the most time-honored artisanal traditions. With a perfectionist’s fanatic attention to detail and a purist’s pursuit of optimized simplicity as the means of achieving the most musically authentic results, Tsuda-san reaches those heights of performance that we typically only dream about.

Truly bespoke, with an heirloom-quality build, performance that marries the very best of both modern and vintage approaches, and the authentic touch of a real master's hand. These are the hallmarks of Concert Fidelity components.

I am happy that Tsuda-san has been a dear friend of mine for many years. I am also proud to be privileged as the global sales director for his unique and special brand: Concert Fidelity


Hand crafted in Cebu city, Philippines by one of the most talented and truly passionate loudspeaker designers I have ever met: Victor Sierra.

He is a man obsessed with the pursuit of perfection, and he has invested half of his life pursuing the knowledge, skills, and "sixth sense" required to take his designs out of the mundane world of also-ran audiophile loudspeakers and truly elevate them to mythic performance!

Every loudspeaker is made to order, hewn by hand from natural hardwoods, lovingly shaped into extraordinary creations of outrageously high-performance masterpieces.

Made to impossibly high standards by deeply skilled artisans, projecting a level of performance that exceeds the imagination, ably crossing the vast divide between factory-made and art.

Built to order, with very limited production.