Corazón Project

The Corazón Project was initiated - and remains in development, nearing the finish-line - when I pitched an idea to my good friend Victor Sierra of Sierra Audio Horn Designs. The design brief was simple: I wanted to revive classic Altec and JBL loudspeaker aesthetics with Victor's peerless loudspeaker design capabilities so that we could shoehorn real, modern high-end performance into a classic cabinet vibe.

I sent him some renderings of the idea, and Victor ran with the ball as only he can. It has manifested in a truly superb aesthetic, exceeding my hopes. Some very clever design on Victor's part will make this a truly full-range performer that that draws the listener within a baby's breath of pure effortlessness.

Target sensitivity ca: 98-100dB

Target Freq. Response: 25Hz to Ultrasonics

So I thought I would share the latest stage of the development here, as we come close to buttoning up this initial version of Corazón.